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Top 10 Business Consulting Firms in Malaysia

The administration counseling organizations in Malaysia place a severe accentuation on innovative work to give ideal answers for their customers. Because of this methodology, business counseling firms in Malaysia have had the option to make a worldwide presence on the lookout. Do you need business counseling organizations in Malaysia that have a luxuriously experienced labor force? Start by shortlisting a portion of the organizations that you feel will suit your prerequisites. In actuality, on the off chance that you are not ready to investigate all alone, at that point take a gander at the rundown here. Browse the administration counseling firms in Malaysia referenced underneath.

RABA Services

RABA Services

We are youthful business visionaries from Malaysia with an objective to lift nearby and worldwide organizations to have the option to advance and adjust to the current huge changes in computerized innovation. Our systematic methodology is centered around uncovering the embodiment of each venture challenge to permit us to make comprehensive and solid arrangements.

Healy Consultants Group PLC

Healy Consultants Group PLC

A high-caliber A-Z business benefits firm for business people, organizations and combinations hoping to extend business universally.

A.T. Kearney Southeast Asia

A.T. Kearney Southeast Asia

A.T. Kearney has served customers in Southeast Asia since 1990, when the Singapore office was set up. We currently make enduring effects for corporates, governments and not-for-benefits over this assorted and dynamic district from workplaces in Bangkok, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

S & F Consulting Firm Limited

S & F Consulting Firm Limited

One of the best consulting firms for business setup, registration and so on for business purposes. S & F has been providing services since 2012.  Check it up for getting help from them.  

ACBC Malaysia

ACBC Malaysia

ACBC Malaysia encourages greatness and respectability in the administration counseling calling all in all. We control and present the Certified Business Consultant (CBC) assignment in Malaysia. The Association and its individuals advocate for the CBC assignment and are devoted to propelling the calling and conveying the advantages of those endeavors to the customer network.



“We separate ourselves with consistent worth development. Subsequently making our customers’​ lives less difficult, more advantageous, beneficial, and fun from the phase of procurement to conveyance, use, enhancements, administration and maintenance.”​

Since its origin in 1994, Tekmark Sdn Bhd has been the main test and estimation business premise signboard license in Malaysia. Tekmark gathering of organizations offers complete start to finish arrangements (from establishments to after-deals uphold) in hardware test, estimation and observing answers for different Telecommunications, Broadcast, Education, R&D, Defense and Electronic ventures. We likewise give in-house and on location adjustment and fix administrations to our different scope of clients.

Tekmark is the approved merchant of Keysight in both Malaysia and Philippines. The organization additionally has a solid presence in the ASEAN locale, in particular Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand.



Since 2001, Phitomas’​ strength and center capabilities lie in its capacity to give cutting edge way to deal with configuration, designing, and assembling, upheld by best in class programming innovation. Our solid warning and backing group give business arrangements, framework mix and counseling administrations in the regions of IoT, Advanced Analytics Cloud Computing, Enterprise Resource Planning and Digital Prototyping.



‘Deals go here and there however administration stays everlastingly’, we @Openwave Computing Malaysia accept this colloquialism in and out and our answers and items are the best models for it. Openwave is one of the expert worldwide Website and Mobile App Development Company in Malaysia, and we are resolved to give driving edge answers for our customers in assisting them with quickening their business development and changing the advanced space, since 1997.

Sedin Technologies

Sedin Technologies

Programming advancement and counseling organization offering very good quality answers for different business needs. Our ability in front line innovations and carefully embracing Agile-improvement standards have made us one of the chief innovation counseling organizations around the world. We began as a little group in 2006 to construct astonishing items and answers for organizations that need them. After some time, we’ve worked more than 500 applications for our customers over the globe. Huge numbers of them got supported and one of them got gained by google.

Wingo Starr Group

Wingo Starr Group

Wingo Starr Group (WSG) fired up as an independent venture in mid 2015 and set up through difficult work and companion commitment. WSG has become an exceptionally legitimate and specialty market organization today. One of the key achievement reasons is because of our profoundly committed group of individuals and extraordinary unions. WSG goes about as a counseling firm, too giving particular administration and innovation administrations ability crossing across Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO), Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) and Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) and now.

Visa Application for Malaysia

Visa Application Process in Details for Malaysia

Numerous individuals from around the globe are keen on applying for a Malaysian visa. Claiming one would make it a lot simpler for such individuals to live and work in Malaysia. This article gives a lot of significant data to the individuals who intend to do it. It will make it simpler for them to get one.

Malaysia’s developing economy, charge motivators, and government support for private company consolidation have attracted numerous unfamiliar financial specialists to the organization. Over the previous decade, the nation’s economy has developed significantly. This makes Malaysia an ideal nation for organization joining, business action, and re-appropriating.

Outsiders who need to go into the franchise business in Malaysia or who are looking for business and need to apply for a visa should realize that there are five unique kinds of work licenses accessible. Each work grant has its own advantages and burdens and is appropriate for specific organizations, class of organizations, and financial specialists.

2–Year Business Visa for Investors and Their Families

Business Visa for Investors

Under this plan, financial specialists can apply for a two-year business visa for themselves and their families by joining a Labuan global organization. Such organizations are 100% unfamiliar claims and have insignificant settled up capital necessities. Consolidating such an organization doesn’t expect financial specialists to apply for a WRT License.

The corporate assessment on net benefits of a Labuan global organization is 3% or RM20,000, whichever is lower. Visas take around 60 days to be embraced and speculators can go after three or four jobs to be filled by outsiders with work grants in the organization. An enrolled office is additionally not needed.

Non-resident Company with 100% Private Holding (Sdn Bhd)

Private Holding (Sdn Bhd)

This game plan is ideal for unfamiliar financial specialists who wish to deal with their own business in Malaysia. Setting up a private restricted organization (Sdn Bhd) permits entrepreneurs to acquire a two-year Malaysian work license (DP10) with no details or significant expenses.

To apply for a two-year work license, a base settled up capital of RM1 million is needed for the organization. Furthermore, a WRT License is likewise required. The span of time taken from the fuse of the organization to the last underwriting on the identification normally goes from six to nine months. This furnishes financial specialists with sufficient opportunity to get the base paid–together capital requirements. However, there are sure business exercises which outsiders are not permitted to direct.

Joint Venture with a Malaysian 

Joint Venture with a Malaysian

Outsiders can likewise pick to fuse a Sdn Bhd Company with a nearby Malaysian. Under this game plan, the base settled up capital necessity is RM350,000. A WRT License isn’t needed if the neighborhood Malaysian accomplice possesses over half of the portions of the organization.

Contingent upon the idea of the business, the Malaysian specialists may permit a two-year work license for the recently fused organization. The time taken by experts in looking at the reports until the last underwriting on the visa is a few months.

Employment Permit

Employment Permit

Under this grant, bosses and entrepreneurs can apply for a two-year work grant for the same number of outsiders as they wish to recruit or utilize for their association. To meet all requirements for movement help, the worker must be on a typical agreement with the organization and the base month to month compensation of the representative must be RM5,000 or more.

The public authority forces certain prerequisites relating to capabilities for a work visa or business pass. For people applying for a talented, trained professional, or specialized Position, at least a four year college education is required. The support cycle takes one to two months. Upon fruitful assessment, the worker and the representative’s family are both granted a two-year work grant.

Representative or Regional Office

Representative or Regional Office

For organizations working for a very long time or more, Malaysia offers an occasion to set up an agent office in the nation. Such workplaces are precluded from directing any business exchanges with Malaysian organizations and are shaped to go about as planning focuses, leading reviews and discoveries, and investigating business openings. Setting up a provincial office in Malaysia qualifies financial specialists for a three-year work license; their families get one also. Handling takes a few months.

Work Permit Criteria in Malaysia

Work Permit Criteria in Malaysia
  • For joint endeavor organizations, at least 30% unfamiliar shareholding is required.
  • As indicated by Guidelines on Foreign Participation in the Distributive Trade Services Malaysia under the domain of the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-agents, and Consumerism, unfamiliar contribution is confined in areas according to Annex E. Hence, applications for any drawn out pass (over a quarter of a year) including the Employment Pass for organizations in these areas isn’t permitted.
  • On the off chance that an association is applying for a Professional Visit Pass (PVP), the organization is by and by needed to agree to the settled up capital prerequisite for organization enrollment.

All work grants offered by Malaysia have numerous passages, are inexhaustible, and reach out to the companion and kids (matured under 21) of the candidate. Each work license has its own benefits and disadvantages and is appropriate for various speculators and their necessities.

Franchise Business in Malaysia

Starting a Franchise Business in Malaysia as Foreigner

Ever can’t help thinking about how large brands like Chatime and Burger King figure out how to have stores any place you go? It resembles they are all over. Brands, for example, these can grow their image and business dramatically through a business idea called diversifying.

In an establishment understanding, neighborhood business people, under specific conditions, are allowed to convey the brand and sell items and administrations identified with a specific brand, without really claiming the brand. This hosts a few advantages for the two gatherings. Diversifying permits multinationals to grow their business and brand all through the world with insignificant ventures and with little stress over nearby corporate structures. Moreover, it awards neighborhood business visionaries the acknowledgment of a worldwide brand and simple admittance to advantages and administrations that are regularly just moderate for enormous organizations.

Beginning a business through diversifying is getting increasingly more typical in Malaysia. It tends to be a decent method to diminish the dangers usually connected with new businesses. The Malaysian government has put out an aspiring objective for the established business to contribute 9.4% to total national output by 2020. It plans to cause Malaysia to arise as a main establishment center point in the locale.

Choosing which establishment you’ll go with is a significant choice. It is basic to have an exhaustive comprehension of all that there is to think about the specific establishment you intend to join. With a smidgen of examination, you can detect a terrible establishment offer a pretty far. We’ve amassed a convenient rundown with the best things for you to do to assist you with beginning your own establishment.

Do a Survey

Do a Survey

So you’ve chosen to begin an establishment, amazing! The main activity is to see whether there really is interest for your planned item or administration. You’ll work like a customary business, so that implies you will have contenders. In addition, establishments don’t for the most part accompany a select region. Which essentially implies that separated from rivaling different organizations, you could likewise be going up against different franchisees with a similar brand.

It is accordingly prescribed to do some statistical surveying and lead a review. Do individuals really need another source this way? It is safe to say that they know about the brand? How is the opposition? Those are exceedingly significant inquiries that can furnish you with priceless bits of knowledge in regards to the domain and client base being advertised.

Attend Franchise Events

Attend Franchise Events

After you’ve affirmed that there is satisfactory interest, you may initially need to get an overall thought of what you are getting into. A decent method to get a vibe about your potential outcomes is to go to diversifying occasions. These occasions are commonly coordinated by franchisors searching for franchisees, establishment intercession organizations, or establishment administrative bodies. During these occasions, you can coordinate with delegates of these three gatherings and see what choices there are for the area that you had as a primary concern. Be cautious, however, as the establishment slows down are commonly monitored by salesmen who will attempt to persuade you that their establishment is the most ideal decision. In any case, in the event that you can deal with that, an establishment occasion is an extraordinary method to consider making the plunge. On the off chance that you hadn’t as of now, this may be a decent an ideal opportunity to focus in on a specific business area.

Do a Web-Search

Do a Web-Search

Whenever you have discovered an appropriate business area, it’s the ideal opportunity for due perseverance. With the end goal for you to figure out which establishment offer is the best inside your ideal business area, you should do a great deal of examination. To make it somewhat simpler for you, we’ve recorded a couple of the main angles you should consider when looking at establishment offers. You need to follow the rules to open a franchise company in Malaysia.

  • Starting passage charge
  • Sovereignties
  • The level of yearly deals paid to the franchiser
  • Commitment to shared administrations (promoting)
  • Programming rental
  • Gear upkeep
  • Review
  • Managerial administrations
  • Starting stock
  • Store development costs

The greater part of this data should be public information and can dominatingly be found in the establishment offers that franchisors distribute on their site. Whenever you have gathered this data it’s the ideal opportunity for your first examination. Analyze all establishment contributions inside your area and wipe out the ones that are outside of your spending plan or that are inaccessible in your area.

That should limit your rundown down a considerable amount. In a perfect world, you would now have 4-5 reasonable establishment offers remaining. Next, direct a careful business investigation of the organizations that remain. Get as acquainted with these organizations as though you would possess them. In the event that the organizations are freely recorded you ought to have all the data readily available. Yearly reports, budget summaries, market difficulties, future desires – everything is important. Give unique consideration to rate figures on establishment turnover. On the off chance that the majority of the new franchisees default inside a couple of years, at that point you are in all probability taking an awful arrangement.

A decent method to decipher this information is through key execution markers (KPI’s). A brisk online inquiry will let you know the main KPI’s for your specific industry. On the off chance that you have no business experience or on the off chance that you are battling, recruit a bookkeeper to assist you with figuring this out. An exhaustive record verification can be priceless in the event that it keeps you from taking an awful establishment offer.

Visit the Franchises

Visit the Franchises

Since you have an intensive comprehension of every one of these organizations, it’s an ideal opportunity to get out there and look at things for yourself. Figure out the spots you visit. You may have visited a McDonald’s multiple times in your day to day existence, however you will see it distinctively in the event that you go there with the goal to scout an expected business. The objective is to figure out the everyday activity. How is the faculty overseen? What is the normal holding up time? Is it packed at top hours? Imagine a scenario in which that incredibly simple-to-work café network with ensured benefits ends up being a dump that stands void a large portion of the day. The speediest method to discover is to go see with your own eyes. On the off chance that you are influential, you may even get the neighborhood administrator to give everything away about the inward activities of the establishment, as they are not generally content with their establishment arrangement.

Talk to Former Franchisees

Conversing with a previous franchisee of your objective establishment can be inconceivably significant. They have a heap of involvement that you can profit by as it identifies with maintaining this specific establishment business. What are the entanglements? Are there any issues with the plan of action? Furthermore, above all, for what reason did they quit?

Consult with the Malaysian Franchise Association (MFA)

In the mid 1990’s the Malaysian government recognized high establishment rates as a solid financial driver. As a response, the MFA was made by the Malaysian government to help establish an establishment agreeable monetary climate. They coordinate occasions, uphold franchisees and offer instructional classes that help establishment business people make their organizations a triumph. They can be an incredible asset and help when you are attempting to get your business off the ground.

Ask Consultants, Lawyers

Ask Consultants, Lawyers

Aside from counseling your own legal counselor, you can likewise talk with a free establishment advisor. These are normally legal advisors who have some expertise in establishment arrangements. These legal advisors can give magnificent experiences that your standard attorney may miss.

On the other hand, the franchisor may have an in-house establishment specialist that guides prospect franchisees with the lawful side of getting their business going. You commonly don’t pay an expense, as the specialist will get a cut from the franchisor in the event that you join.

Draw up Your Business Plan

Draw up Your Business Plan

At this point, you ought to in a perfect world realize which establishment you will join. The time has come to draw up your marketable strategy. A strategy is a composed depiction of your business’ future. This report will fundamentally be the diagram of your organization. On the off chance that you need outer financing, a solid field-tested strategy can convince prospect speculators to flexibly capitalize your capital. Aside from that, it very well may be a rule for your initial not many long periods of activity.

Composing a decent marketable strategy is incredibly troublesome in light of the fact that you should make gauges about the future execution of your business, which is liable to a ton of vulnerability. Be traditionalist in your income and benefit gauges and incorporate a wide situation and danger investigation to consider every contingency. Instructions to really compose an extraordinary field-tested strategy is presumably past the extent of this article, however remember that your franchisor can be an incredible assistance with this. They will probably have a model field-tested strategy from which you can begin.

Also, the franchisor in all probability has a great deal of information from different franchisees which, if deciphered appropriately, can help make your own income assesses more sensible. During this progression, you may even reason that your proposed business is really not as feasible as you recently suspected. Which is totally fine, it’s better on the off chance that you discover now than after you began your business. To assist you with beginning, we’ve incorporated elite of regions that are basic in any field-tested strategy:

  • General organization depiction
  • Operational: review of items and administrations offered/work force/hours/providers
  • Showcasing: marking technique/client commitment/promoting blend investigation
  • Lawful: Analysis of lawful climate/charge suggestions/proposed business structure
  • Monetary: capital requirements/earn back the original investment point/income gauges/master forma fiscal summaries
  • Risk measures/Insurance structure

File Your Franchise Agreement

File Your Franchise Agreement

Whenever you have done all the abovementioned, and you are as yet sure you need to go ahead, the time has come to formally document your establishment. To approve your organization with the franchisor, you’ll have to sign and enlist an establishment understanding.

All establishment arrangements must be enlisted with the Franchise Registry. An establishment arrangement needs to contain the accompanying things:

  • The name and depiction of the item and business under the establishment.
  • The establishment charge, advancement expense, sovereignty or any connected sort of installment which might be forced on the franchisee, assuming any.
  • The commitments of the franchisor.
  • The commitments of the franchisee.
  • The franchisee’s privileges to utilize the imprint or some other protected innovation, forthcoming the enlistment or after the enrollment of the establishment.
  • The conditions under which the franchisee may appoint the rights under the establishment
  • An assertion on the chilling time frame as given in subsection
  • A depiction relating to the imprint or some other protected innovation possessed or identified with the franchisor which is utilized in the establishment
  • In the event that the understanding is identified with an expert franchisee, the franchisor’s personality and the rights got by the expert franchisee from the franchisor
  • The sort and points of interest of help gave by the franchisor
  • The length of the establishment and the terms of reestablishment
  • The impact of end or termination of the establishment understanding

As you’ve seen, beginning an establishment requires a ton of readiness. Be keen about it and do some examination before you hop directly into the establishment business. It will doubtlessly build the opportunity of your business being a triumph.

Qatar Free Zones Area

Set up a business in Qatar Free Zones Area

The idea of free zones has turned the Middle East nations to be an rising business center point. Not just it helps in roping in industrialists from various districts of the world, yet it has utilized the manner of thinking of business speculators generally. Talking about Qatar, it has a fortification with regards to a business foundation and has been positioned in the best 40 nations for business by Forbes. The same, the other neighboring nations, Qatar likewise have free zones that invite business speculators, industrialists, business people to fabricate their business establishments. Beginning a business in Qatar ends up being a more ideal choice for them because of the presence of its free zones. How about we see.

Qatar Free Zones

As expressed over, the country holds free zones in its field. These zones have been exceptionally intended to center and implicit the engaged businesses and to elevate them at a worldwide level. In Qatar, we have:

Qatar Science and Technology Park

Qatar Science and Technology Park

Situated in Qatar’s Foundation Education City, this innovation park was set up in 2009 with an intent to give a home to innovation based firms. This zone accompanies a ton of motivating forces that meet the desires for the business substances. A portion of the famous organizations that loll in its zone hold Microsoft, Shell, and GE and so forth A portion of the exercises completed at QSTP include:

  • Innovation advancements
  • Instruction and preparing
  • New business advancement
  • Innovative work and so on

Along these lines you can see that this free zone totally focuses on the innovation area to give an arising stage to the business elements. Presently, how about we proceed onward to the following free zone.

Qatar Financial Centre

Qatar Financial Centre

With regards to the account area, Qatar is no place back. The country has set up a total free zone that focuses on the monetary angles. Set up in the year 2005, QFC is situated in Doha and gives lawful and business foundation to monetary administrations. It furnishes an occasion to manage a lawful system that intently deals with cash overseeing in the developing business sectors. The free zone has broadened its cutoff points and now additionally incorporates the non-managed exercises. Company formation in Qatar free zone is easy process specially in QFC. A wide scope of exercises did in the QFC includes:


Resource Management


Islamic Finance

Venture Advice and so forth

To put it plainly, we can say that these two free zones open a door to numerous business ventures managing in particular areas. It encourages the business substances to develop and remain at worldwide level. In the event that your business lies in the above-expressed areas and you need to give a worldwide introduction to your business substance, you can depend on Qatar. Whenever you have arrived at this purpose of your business choice, you ought to have better lucidity with respect to the various advantages that you can benefit by fusing a business in Qatar. How about we continue.

Benefits of Setting Up a Company in Qatar Free Zone

Benefits of Qatar Free Zone

By setting up an organization in any of the free zones in Qatar, you will have the option to profit from the accompanying advantages:

  • 100% Foreign Ownership
  • Key Location
  • 100% Repatriation of ventures and benefits
  • 10% of corporate duty
  • The nonappearance of Currency Restrictions
  • Simple accessibility of Residence Visa
  • Current correspondence offices
  • A wide scope of licensable exercises
  • A straightforward lawful and administrative system

Presently, since you have a thought regarding the advantages given by Qatar Free Zones, the subsequent stage that you should center is to be clear about the documentation cycle, which serves to be extremely basic.

Documents Required to Set Up a Business in Qatar Free Zone

Required Documents

To begin an organization in Qatar free zone, you have to hold the accompanying:

  • Data with respect to the firm
  • Nitty gritty portrayal field-tested strategy
  • Exploration intends to be submitted (in the event of QSTP)
  • Bank articulation for monetary security
  • Investors ID evidences

In this manner, you have a general thought with respect to why business financial specialists pick Qatar as their business stage. All you require to ensure is that the above-expressed records are close by before you move into the center cycle of setting up your organization in QSTP or QFC.

Qatar Free Zone Company Formation Process

Company Formation Process

To build up an organization in Qatar Free Zone, you have to experience the accompanying cycle:

  • Reservation of organization name with the business library by paying a charge of QAR 1000-1500
  • Next, you have to open a financial balance by storing the settled up capital
  • Getting the Articles and Memorandum of Association drafted
  • Get the fundamental permit from the public authority specialists
  • Get TIN enlisted with the Public Revenue and Tax Authority
  • Get the organization seal

All the previously mentioned steps are to be followed likewise to bring the business element into the dynamic structure. All you require now is a business expert who can help you in doing the business cycle and guide you with respect to the legitimate customs.

Procedures of company formation in Japan

Procedures of company formation in Japan

The procedures for starting a company in Japan are as follows:

1. Selecting the type of company for incorporation

(a) Japanese legal entity vs. branch office

The choice to incorporate as a branch office or separate Japanese legal entity goes beyond tax considerations (though that is definitely an important component of any decision). Branch offices are recognized as an extension of the overseas parent company, which means that the parent company is legally responsible for any liabilities or disputes generated by its branch on Japanese soil. In addition, some customers or vendors may hesitate to deal with branch offices, due to perceived lack of commitment. Still, branch offices do thrive in the Japanese marketplace, as long as the company’s needs are fulfilled which may depend heavily on the industry, type of clients, nature of the business transactions etc.

Japanese legal entities, on the other hand, are considered separate entities from their parent companies, with its own assets and liabilities. However, they are more expensive to register than branch offices, and must meet stricter legal and financial requirements in order to operate. Despite the additional time and expense, many companies choose to incorporate as a Japanese entity because of the advantages that come with being legally considered as a native business. Also, a subsidiary company can be maintained now with only foreign directors, whereas a branch must always have a resident branch representative.

(b) Kabushiki Kaisha—KK (joint stock company) vs. Godo Kaisha—GK (limited liability company)

If you decide to incorporate your business as a Japanese legal entity, then the decision must be made as to what to classify your company. The 2 most common types of companies are the Kabushiki Kaisha (KK) and the Godo Kaisha (GK), with most companies (about 80%) classified as the KK. Though KKs and GKs offer limited liability protection to their shareholders, there are important differences that you must consider before finalizing your decision.

KKs are slightly more expensive to incorporate than GKs, and must meet more legal requirements before registration can be completed. The organizational structure is very specific, with a clear division between management and ownership (though it’s possible to be a member of both). The KK designation is generally suited for medium to large companies, though it is perfectly fine for small companies looking to scale in the future. It is recommended to make a KK if outside investment is being considered (at initial stages or in the future) for the company. As a rule, KKs also enjoy a perception of prestige, which can be beneficial for new businesses looking to establish trust with new customers and vendors.

In contrast, GKs are less expensive to register, with fewer cumbersome legal requirements. Though less common than the KK, GKs do enjoy some credibility with the local business market, given their legal status as a native company. The GK designation is generally ideal for small to medium companies, though there are some foreign multinationals that are operating successfully as GKs.
Whichever designation you choose to register under, just remember that the best choice will always boil down to what’s best for your business at the present moment.

2. Requirements for establishing your company as a Kabushiki Kaisha (KK)

Most investors (both foreign and native) request professional assistance for incorporating their KK. In that case, an outline is created to decide the necessary requirements for KK registration. Things that need to be decided include the following:

(a) The name of the Company

For your trade name, you can use Hiragana letters, Katakana letters, Chinese characters, alphabets, and Arabic numerals. You must also decide the English notation of the Company name.

(b) Location of the head office

If you cannot secure the office space of your choice in short notice, you can temporarily use a virtual office address, your residence, or your employee’s address strictly for registration purposes. However, you must have a proper physical office if you are applying for a Business Manager visa.

(c) The amount of the capital

Though it is perfectly legal to provide only 1 yen in starting capital, this not recommended for credibility reasons as capital figures are public. If you are applying for a Business Manager visa, you must have at least 5 million yen to start to at least qualify for visa approval.

(d) Determining the amount paid per share

There is no law for a required amount per share and you may decide freely as long as it equates the capital amount. Some companies will set the share price at 10,000 yen per share, while most will opt to set it at 1,000 or 100 yen per share.

(e) Determining the settlement date

If you are unsure about the preferred settlement date, it is recommended that you set your first fiscal year at the latest date possible so that you can operate the longest term until the corporate tax return is necessary. Subsidiary companies often match the fiscal year of their parent organizations if necessary according to their country`s tax regulations.

(f) Determining the terms of office for directors and auditors

The terms of office of directors and auditors can be set for ten (10) years, though you can always choose a shorter time frame. The corporate register must be updated after the term of directors and auditors expire.

(g) Contents of business operations: what are the services and/or goods provided by the company

The activity of the company must be on the corporate register and written specifically. Those businesses that require a license for their industry may need to write certain business activity.

(h) Determining the directors, auditors, and shareholders at time of incorporation

A company or individual may be a shareholder, and directors and representative directors are decided. Since a KK can be legally established by one person, it is completely acceptable to list yourself for all positions.

(i) Relevant contact information

Important contact information should include your telephone number and occupation. If you have a representative director, his or her telephone number must also be provided.

3. Acquisition of the Seal Certificate

(a) The following must secure their seal certificate:

Applicants for Business Incorporation—this is mandatory for all investors who plan to start a business in Japan (a recipient of shares at the time of incorporation). In case of a corporate entity, in addition to the seal certificate, a corporate registry is also required for submission.

All Shareholders and Directors

(b) Required number of seal certificate copies

There is a need to submit the required number of seal certificates as follows:
1. All directors of the new Japanese company who are residents of Japan
2. All individual shareholders who are residents of Japan

4. A copy of the passbook pages showing evidence of the company’s starting capital

The required pages are:
1. Cover Page
2. First Two Pages after opening Cover Page (shows account information)
3. Page with remittance (Capital to be registered must be in the “credit” column if the bank statement)

5. Documents stamped with the corporate seal

There is a need to prepare the corporate seal in advance. We can also accept orders for custom-made inkan. The following seals are needed for incorporation:

(1) Official Corporate seal (会社代表印)

For official corporate use which is registered.

(2) Bank seal (銀行印)

For transaction use at the bank.

(3) Square Seal (角印)

For unofficial use.

6. Approval of the corporate registry at the notary public

Without the approval from the notary public, the registration for the company cannot proceed. To obtain approval, you should make an appointment with the notary public as soon as your corporate registry is completed. If you elect to use Shiodome’s Incorporation service, you can send the notarized documents to us by email for expedited review. Afterwards, you can come to our office to complete your electronic corporate registration, eliminating the standard authorization fee of 40,000 yen.

7. Enrollment of incorporation registration at the ministry of justice

The registration date becomes the date of the incorporation. The date of the company’s incorporation can be decided freely unless it falls on a weekend or official holiday.

8. Completion of company incorporation

After the completion of your company’s incorporation, you can finally receive the corporate registry. There are other post compliance procedures required such as bank of Japan filings for some cases of foreign shareholders, and or initial tax filings that will be due shortly after the registration date.

If applicable, you may also start the application for your Business Manager visa, since your company is now in legal existence. The whole process from start to finish will usually take about 4 to 6 weeks, though it can take longer if your business requires a specific license to operate.

Doing Business Index Bangladesh improves ranking

Doing Business Index: Bangladesh improves ranking

Bangladesh advanced 8 notches in global ease of doing business ranking to 168 out of 190 counties, according to a report of World Bank.

The country rose to the rank of the 168th from 176th in the previous year, the WB said in its Doing Business 2020 report released today.

The jump was aided by the country’s improved score in the areas of starting a business, dealing with construction permits, getting electricity, registering property, and getting credit.

“This is the first time we have made such a huge jump. But definitely we will not consider this as a big achievement. We are still 168th out of 190 countries and we want to make substantial improvement the next year,” said Salman F Rahman, the prime minister’s adviser on private industry and investment at press conference at the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) today.

Principal Secretary of Prime Minister Md Nojibur Rahman, Chief Coordinator on SDG Affairs of the Prime Minister Office (PMO) Md Abul Kalam Azad, Finance Secretary Abdur Rouf Talukder, Executive Chairman of Bangladesh Investment Development Authority Md Sirazul Islam also present at the briefing. 

“Taking rankings to double digit should be our target. For this, we have to accomplish a lot of tasks and those are ongoing. I expect our position will improve in the coming days,” Salman F Rahman said, adding that Bangladesh has been named as one of the top 20 reformers by the World Bank recently.

Despite improvement, Bangladesh remains just ahead of Afghanistan in South Asia. India topped the list with a ranking of 63rd, up from 77th a year ago. Bhutan is ranked 89th, followed by Nepal 94th, Sri Lanka 99th, Pakistan 108th, the Maldives 147th, and Afghanistan 173rd.

In a press release, the Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA) said Bangladesh made starting a business less expensive by reducing name clearance and registration fees, and abolishing the fee for certifying digital certificates.

“This reform applies to both Dhaka and Chittagong,” it added.

While getting electricity has also become faster because of investment by the government in digitisation and human capital.

“Bangladesh also made getting electricity less costly by reducing the amount of the security deposit for a new connection. This reform applies to Dhaka.”

It said expansion of coverage of the CIB improved access to credit information by borrowers.

The Doing Business score is 45.0, which is 2.5 percentage points higher than that of last year, according to the Doing Business 2020.

BIDA said the government has taken a number of initiatives to improve reforms to ease process of doing business in Bangladesh.

This includes developing action plans, forming task forces, coordinating reform initiatives among relevant government agencies; providing reform support to line agencies, conducting dialogues with private sector stakeholders, and monitoring reform progress, it added.

In a press statement, the WB citing Doing Business 2020 said Bangladesh carried out three business reforms during the past year, the most in a decade, and would need to accelerate the reform pace to further improve its regional and global competitiveness.

 “Improving the business environment is essential for Bangladesh to support private sector development, which will create more jobs and foster sustainable economic growth,” said Mercy Miyang Tembon, World Bank Country Director for Bangladesh.

“It would be important for Bangladesh to build on the recent achievement and further accelerate regulatory reform efforts to continue to improve the business climate.”

The WB said the reforms enacted this year followed three years of inactivity.

With 15 reforms since the inception of the Doing Business study in 2003-04, Bangladesh lags behind other economies in South Asia, it added.

“Bangladesh ranks next to last globally on the enforcing contracts indicator and 184 out of 190 on the registering property indicator,” said the multilateral lender.

Transferring a property title in Bangladesh takes on average 271 days, almost six times longer than the global average of 47 days. Resolving a commercial dispute through a local first-instance court takes on average 1,442 days, almost three times more than the 590 days average among OECD high-income economies.

To connect a new building to an electrical grid, a business needs to complete nine procedures, the most not only in the region but also globally. Only two other economies in the world require nine steps to obtain a connection, it added.

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List of top companies in Malaysia

List of top companies in Malaysia

In anticipation of its fourth annual Employer Brand Awards, Randstad Malaysia today announced the market’s top 75 largest commercial companies that are in the running for the title of the most attractive employer in Malaysia, based on the global 2019 Randstad Employer Brand Research.

The annual Randstad Employer Brand Research is an independent study commissioned by Randstad and conducted by Kantar TNS. This year, more than 2,504 employees and job seekers were surveyed in Malaysia. The research seeks to understand what job seekers look for in an ideal employer and measures their perception of the 75 largest commercial employers (based on the local workforce size). The study measures brand awareness and brand attractiveness of each commercial company, and respondents are required to rate the employers on 10 employee value proposition drivers such as ‘work-life balance’, ‘financial health’ and ‘career progression opportunities’.

As the most representative and inclusive employer brand research in the world, the Randstad Employer Brand Research has become a leading voice in employer branding conversations, providing tailored employment intelligence to companies across leading sectors in Malaysia and globally.

Top 75 most attractive commercial companies in Malaysia

(In alphabetical order)

AEON Co. (M) Bhd.
AirAsia Berhad
Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad
AMBANK (AMMB Holdings Berhad)
Astro Holdings Sdn. Bhd.
B.Braun Medical Industries Sdn. Bhd.
Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad (Bank Islam)
Bank Kerjasama Rakyat Malaysia (Bank Rakyat)
Berjaya Corporation Berhad
Boustead Holdings
Carsem (M) Sdn Bhd
Celcom Axiata Berhad
CIMB Bank Berhad
Citibank Berhad
Continental Tyre Malaysia *NEW*
Dell Malaysia *NEW*
Deloitte SEA Services Sdn. Bhd.
DRB-Hicom Berhad
Flextronics *NEW*
Gamuda Berhad
GCH Retail (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
General Electric Malaysia *NEW*
Genting Malaysia Berhad
Hartalega Holdings Berhad *NEW*
Hap Seng Consolidated Berhad
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services Sdn Bhd
Hong Leong Bank Berhad
HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad
Huawei Technologies Malaysia *NEW*
IBM Malaysia Sdn Bhd
IJM Corporation Berhad
Infineon Technologies (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
Intel Malaysia *NEW*
IOI Corporation Berhad
Jabil *NEW*
Johor Corporation Berhad
KFC Holding
Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad
Malayan Banking Berhad (Maybank)
Malaysia Airlines Berhad
Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad
Media Prima Berhad
MMC Corporation Berhad
Motorola Solutions Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
Mydin Mohamed Holdings Bhd (MYDIN)
Nestle (Malaysia) Berhad
OCBC Bank (Malaysia) Berhad
Oriental Holding Berhad
Osram Opto Semiconductors (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua Sendirian Berhad (PERODUA)
Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS)
Plexus Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd.
Public Bank Berhad
RHB Capital Bhd.
Safeguards G4s Sdn. Bhd
Samsung *NEW*
Sapura Energy Berhad
Shell Malaysia
Sime Darby Berhad
Sony EMCS (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia
Sunway Group
Ta Ann Holdings Berhad
Tan Chong Motor Holdings Berhad
Telekom Malaysia Berhad
Tenaga Nasional Berhad
Tesco Stores (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
Top Glove Corporation Berhad
UMW Holdings Berhad
United Plantations Bhd
UOB Malaysia *NEW*
V.S. Industry Berhad
Westports Malaysia Sdn Bhd
YTL Corporation Berhad


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Accounting & Audit Services in Malaysia

Accounting & Audit Services in Malaysia

Accounting Services

S & F Consulting Firm is an accounting firm in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia provides accounting and bookkeeping services in Malaysia. We are specialized in providing accounting and bookkeeping services to SMEs.

Accounting and bookkeeping services on monthly basis or 2 months once, as per the requirements of Royal Malaysian Customs is one the core services provided by S & F Consulting Firm, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Our Accounting Services includes the preparation of the following financial statements:

  • Balance sheet
  • Income statement
  • General Ledgers
  • Calculation SST to be used to submit SST returns

Use our Accounting Services to Submit your SST Returns

In Malaysia, monthly accounting services became very crucial especially after the implementation of SST Act 2018 on 1 September 2018.

Every SST registered business enterprise now need to submit their SST returns every 2 months once or bi-monthly. Accounting data is very important to calculate the indirect taxes.

Our accounting services will help your business enterprise for the preparation and submission of SST returns as well.

Use our Accounting Services for Audit and Tax Representation 

Our accounting services will sufficiently explain all the business transactions in order to facilitate the statutory audit and income tax computation. This will further help in minimising the mistakes or errors in audit finalisation and tax finalisation. 

Our Fees

Our fees for Accounting and bookkeeping services is based on volume of business transactions. Minimum fee is RM500 per month.

Audit Services

S & F Consulting Firm is an approved audit firm in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We are specialized in SME statutory audit in Malaysia. Other audit services that we provide are illustrated below.

Types of Audit Services that we provide:

  • Statutory Audit, required by Malaysian Companies Act, 2016
  • Due Diligence Audit, normally prepared before purchasing or investing in an existing business
  • Forensic Audit, also known as investigative audit, normally prepared to investigate or discover fraud and mismanagement
  • Other special audit as per requirement of any business.​

Our fees for audit services is based on the followings:

  • Recommended Practice Guide 7 (RPG 7) issued by Malaysian Institute of Accountants for Audit Services
  • Volume of work and time taken to complete the Audit Services
  • Risk involved in the Audit Services

Confidentiality in our Audit Services

Confidentiality in the client information are one of our firm’s standard in providing our Audit Services.

Our clients can be 100 % assured that their financial, management and other information and issues will be given our utmost confidentiality while delivering our audit services. 

How to Start a Business in Qatar

How to Start a Business in Qatar?

This guide highlights all the essentials that are required for a business investor to know before proceeding towards setting up a business in Qatar. If you are severe regarding incorporating your business in the Kingdom of Qatar, then you are in the right place. Let’s start by understanding the economic outlook of the region.

Qatar Economic Outlook

Backed by petroleum and natural gas, Qatar is one of the emerging grounds that stands as the world’s third-largest gas reserve. Over the years, the Qatari government has been eyeing to leverage the non-oil segment to enhance the nation’s revenue. By the end of 2021, the Qatar Economic Growth is projected to hold a growth count of 2.5%.

So, what you will choose for startup?

The region of Qatar welcomes the newbies as well as the experienced business players in the market. Some of the booming business opportunities that are prevailing in Qatar are:

  • Tourism
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Import-Export
  • Manufacturing etc.

Apart from the business mentioned above opportunities, here’s more on the top business opportunities in Qatar.

Steps of business registration in Qatar

Starting a business in Qatar involves numerous steps that an investor needs to take care of. Some of the essential steps required are:

1. Understanding Your Business Needs

Understanding the business activity is the first and foremost task of any business. The business owners need to be clear regarding the target market and the business activities that need to be carried out effectively.

2. Choosing a Strategic Location

Qatar provides multiple flexibilities to the business investors to proceed ahead with the location options. Several free zones have been established to focus on dedicated business sectors. Make sure to select the best business location after analyzing the pros and cons of the same.

3. Select a Business Name

This stands as one of the crucial and essential tasks at the same time. While choosing a trading name in Qatar, the investors need to keep an eye on the following:

  • The selected business name shouldn’t be the same as competitors
  • The trade name shouldn’t sound offensive
  • It shouldn’t include the name of God

4. Get the Required Documents and Proceed towards Commercial Registration

It is important to note that documentation plays a crucial role when it comes to the business setup in Qatar. To complete the business registration process, an investor needs to provide a set of stated documents which includes:

  • Duly filled company application form
  • Drafted Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Copy of the Business Plan
  • Identity and address proof of the shareholder(s)
  • Address of the commercial premise

All the documents submitted by the investor undergo an in-depth verification process by the Qatar Company Registry, which involves the document attestation process in Qatar.

5. Open a Bank Account

A bank account is an essential part of business incorporation in Qatar. Holding a corporate bank account helps the customers and the business owners/ investors to carry out business transactions in a smooth way. Also, it helps the owners to distinguish personal and professional finances. Here’s a guide on how to open a corporate bank account in Qatar, which will help you to understand every step in a detailed way.

6. Hire the Manpower

Selecting the right candidate for the right job is very important for any business. It is to be kept in mind that once the company incorporation tasks get done, it requires an adequate number of people to manage it. An employer needs to onboard the employees by providing an employee visa. Here’s a guide on proceeding towards the visa services in Qatar.

7. Proceed with Post Incorporation Process

Once the company gets established, maintaining the same is a big challenge. One of the easiest ways to maintain it safely is to implement the post-incorporation services that are necessary for any business for performing smooth operations. Some of the services include the following:

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Tax Services
  • Intellectual Property Services etc.

Implementing these fundamentals will help you to keep a track on your business growth, and take the necessary steps accordingly.

Why Invest in Qatar?

Investment in Qatar is one of the profitable moves that any business investor can make. It is one of the easiest ways to make the user move or available business finance and leverage business profits. Some of the core reasons for investing in Qatar include:

  • A business-focused and growing economy
  • Huge investment opportunities
  • Easily accessible to other GCC nations
  • Suitable for newbies as well as experienced business professionals

Here’s a guide on why invest in Qatar, which will help you to understand the investment scenario more clearly.